AI Superpowers Training Course + Signed Edition + Free Autobiography Ebook

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee: A World Expert in AI and Technology

Get a definitive and expert intro to artificial intelligence and all that it entails. This course will give you all the information you need to make informed decisions and plan for the AI future. In 34 short lessons that span just over three hours,  Dr. Kai-Fu Lee will help you separate AI fact from fiction, and show you what is possible and what is likely based on his extensive experience with AI.

This course will enlighten, entertain and empower you with practical information so that you won’t be caught off guard when AI starts to transform society.

Take this course at your own pace. Each lessons contains a summary and review questions, bonus materials and a free copy of my ebook “My Journey with AI.” Thanks again!

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AI Superpowers Training Course

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee will demonstrate how AI is evolving in industries as different as medicine and bookkeeping, as farming and the law, as shopping and transportation. He will show you what jobs will disappear as AI upends many sectors of the economy. He will describe in detail the enormous economic imbalances that AI will cause. He will also show you what jobs will be affected and what jobs will be created. Most important, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee will provide you with a plan of action for how to adapt to an AI future and how to thrive in the new economic landscape that AI will shape. What's more, Dr. Lee will offer a way forward beyond the apocalyptic science-fiction ideas of AI and show you how we can truly coexist with AI in the coming years.

About Dr. Kai-Fu Lee: A World Expert in AI and Technology

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee has been involved in AI research and development for more than 30 years. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in Chinese technology companies. He is also the President of Sinovation’s Artificial Intelligence Institute.

Before founding Sinovation Ventures in 2009, Dr. Lee was the president of Google China. Before that, he worked at Microsoft, SGI, and Apple, in both the United States and in China. Dr. Lee is the author of seven top-selling books in China. His new book “AI Superpowers” explains how China and Silicon Valley will change the world order from a technologist perspective – and what that means for us as a society.

As both a technology insider, an AI innovator and someone who has lived and worked in the United States and China, Dr. Lee brings a unique perspective to the tech world in both countries. He also has a perspective on the two countries' attitudes toward work, technological development and even competition.

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When you order AI Superpowers today, we will include an affixed limited edition bookplate autographed by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. Of course, supplies are limited so please order today to take advantage of this bonus.

You will also receive a free ebook version of Dr. Lee’s autobiography “My Journey with AI.” In this book Dr. Lee gives you an firsthand and inspirational account of his rise to the top of the AI industry.

Kai-Fu Lee limited edition bookplate autographed
Kai-Fu Lee's autobiography ebook

Discover What the Power of Artificial Intelligence Means to You

AI will usher in an age of massive increases in productivity. But it will also lead to widespread disruptions in labor markets. These disruptions will have profound socio-psychological effects on people, as artificial intelligence takes over human jobs across all sorts of industries. Will your job be lost? Will your job remain? What can you do? How can you keep up with the rapid changes in technology? You'll learn that in this course.

Learn How AI Will Change the Way You Work and the Way You Live

You're already aware that AI works today in your everyday life, from your smartphone to internet browsing. But AI will have even more profound effects on everything from medicine to transportation, from shopping to education. The AI Superpowers course will make you better informed about the effects of AI on how you go about your day and earn your living. You need to be prepared in order to thrive in the coming AI era.

You Will Find Out What the Future of AI Means to You Locally and Globally

AI is not about us being taken over by robots. There won't be a Terminator-like singularity. AI will have a positive impact on our lives. But at the same time, the negatives from AI are enormous, such as the very real possibility of tremendous social inequality. You will learn on a granular level how AI has been used and how it will be used in the future. You will also see how China and the U.S. each approaches AI developments. Whether you're considering life and work choices, or whether you're an entrepreneur looking to capitalize on how AI will change the workplace, this is essential information. You'll be ahead of the game.

Become Part of the AI Solution: See How You Can Coexist with AI

AI can do many things that will totally change how we work, and how we live. But there are still many things that AI cannot do. These involve what make us human: connection, emotion, dexterity and strategy. You will see where you can best equip yourself to become at ease and to thrive in the AI future. Learn how your current talents can be applied to AI-enabled jobs. Learn where you can reeducate yourself. Discover how to make yourself an essential part of tomorrow's AI landscape.